Code of Ethics

This Code of Ethics is presented as a guide for members of the Huron River Labrador Retriever Club who are owners, breeders, and potential breeders of Labrador Retrievers, whose foremost aims are the welfare and improvement of the breed. They agree to follow this Code of Ethics when engaged in breeding, exhibiting, handling, and selling Labrador Retrievers and to refrain from activity which would be detrimental to the breed or to the Huron River Labrador Retriever Club, Inc.

                      • All dogs must be kept under sanitary conditions with opportunity for exercise. They must be given maximal health protection through fecal checks, worming programs, regular inoculations, hip and eye certifications, and periodic examinations by a veterinarian.

                      • Every member shall inform him/herself of and follow the American Kennel Club rules, and must be in good standing with the AKC.

                      • Members shall refrain from intentionally maligning judges, fellow competitors, breeders, or owners by making false or misleading statements regarding their dogs, breeding practices, or person.

                      • Cruel or abusive handling of dogs is detrimental to the sport. Such behavior only reflects negatively upon ourselves, our dogs, and the Huron River Labrador Retriever Club.

                      • When planning a breeding, every effort should be made to ensure physical soundness, good temperament, conformation quality, and working ability.

                      • A member will not breed dogs with known genetic defects if the defects are likely to cause impairment of the health of the offspring, or to show gross disregard for the breed.

                      • Members will avoid breeding when it jeopardizes the health of the bitch, or results in careless placement of the puppies.

                      • Members will accurately register their stock, and will keep complete records of mating's and pedigrees, as required by the AKC.

                      • Members will not wholesale litters, provide dogs for raffles, or sell dogs to pet dealers, catalogue houses, or other sources of commercial distribution.

                      • Members will not sell or give away a puppy/dog with known detrimental genetic or temperament defects except under a non-breeding (neutering) agreement. The new owner will be fully informed of any known information concerning the defect before the transaction is complete.

                      • Members will carefully and humanely place each puppy/dog with consideration for the facilities, lifestyle, attitude, and plans of the buyer.

                      • Members will provide each puppy/dog purchaser with a pedigree, AKC registration papers, and written instructions regarding care of the dog (i.e., its health records, dates and types of inoculations already administered or still required, status of worming program, feeding details, etc.) The purchaser must be instructed to immediately place the dog under the care of a veterinarian.

                      • Members will always be available to their buyers for information and consultation after completion of their sales and should request that the new owners keep them informed of the dog's welfare including health status, achievements, etc. In addition, if at a later date, a breeder becomes aware of a genetic defect related to a litter, the breeder will notify, and provide advice to, the owners of the puppies from that litter regarding the defect.

                      • Registration applications (blue slips), in accordance with the AKC rules, must only be used for the dogs for which they were originally issued and must never be sold separately.

                      • Members will not transport puppies under the age of 8 weeks to a dog show for the purpose of displaying for sale.

                      • Members will not engage in false or misleading advertisement.

                      • Each member shall protect the interest of the breed by conducting him/herself in a manner reflecting credit upon him/herself, the breed, and the Huron River Labrador Retriever Club, Inc.