Labrador Retriever Rescue Organizations

Labradors are the #1 registered dog in the United States. Bosting well over 150,000 registrations per year. There are far more than that being bred. Many dogs go unregistered as more and more back yard breeders, well meaning people, and just plain old uneducated folks try and cash in on our breed's popularity.

There are many Labrador Retrievers in shelters, all breed and breed specific rescues all over the country because of the sheer volume of dogs being produced in this country. Unfortunately, many people who are breeding simply to "witness the miracle of birth" or "to get just one puppy from my lovely dog" are not taking the responsibility of breeding seriously. Even if you just produce ONE litter, you are a breeder. And with that comes a ton of responsibility to the lives you create through that conception.

Breeders who do no health testing as in OFA hips and elbows, cardiac testing, CERF, and optigen testing are not doing our breed any favors. Dogs not bred to standard, producing dudley's, or other colors, are simply hurting our breed and increasing the number of ill-tempered dogs, dogs with allergies, orthopedic problems and a myriad of other issues.

Many times these under prepared breeders do a poor job of screening puppy buyers and never realize that the person getting the dog isn't fully prepared for life with a Labrador puppy. And after the puppy cuteness wears off and the real training time comes in, they are dumped at shelters because of the time committment needed to help ensure your dog is a great family pet.

Thankfully, there are wonderful caring organizations out there that are trying to help as many great dogs as they can. HRLRC and it's members do as much as they can to help the plight of Labradors in need, in Michigan and elsewhere.

Labrador Retriever Rescues

United Sates


There are no rescues currently in the states of Alabama, Delaware, Hawaii, Mississippi, Montana, North Dakota, South Dakota, or West Virginia.

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